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Gold Sauh Necklace Gold Sauh Necklace
Gold Sauh Necklace Gold Sauh Necklace
Gold Sauh Necklace
Gold Sauh Necklace
Gold Sauh Necklace
Gold Sauh Necklace

Gold Solid Sauh Necklace

Gold Solid Sauh Necklace

916/22K Gold
RM1,330.00 MYR
RM0.00 MYR
45cm 3.03g
45cm 3.03g
45cm 3.27g
45cm 3.28g
45cm 4.76g
Only 1 left
Volume Pricing
RM1,330.00 MYR each

Gold Solid Sauh Necklace epitomizes elegance and grace. Perfect for any occasion, its solid design adds sophistication to your ensemble. Whether for a formal event or a casual outing, this versatile accessory complements any attire effortlessly. Wear it confidently, showcasing your refined taste and style wherever you go, radiating charm and sophistication with every step.


Brand: TIANSI Jewellery
Material: 916/22K Gold
Weight: 3.03-4.76g +/-
Size: 45cm+/-

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